BFitness | Things I’m Loving Friday #3
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Things I’m Loving Friday #3

I’ve got that Friday feeling and with that comes our weekly segment on things I’m currently loving. What’s something you currently can’t get enough of? Let me know in the comments below :).

Things I’m Loving:

Fitdesk Calendar

How awesome is this calendar? “365 days of inspiration + tips to live life fit” – daily inspiration, yes please! These have been a great reminder this winter to keep working hard and stay focused on my own fitness regime.

Fitbit Iconic

Truth: I’ve been a little bit more than obsessed with this watch for the past couple of months. My running buddy, Chelsea can tell you that last year when we were training for a half marathon, I often showed up to our runs having to re-download all the running essentials (Nike fitness app, Spotify,etc.)…ahh the frustration, because naturally storage on my phone is usually around negative availability. Insert Fitbit Iconic and problems were solved and so much time was saved! This watch not only tracks all my steps, but tracks fitness activities from calories burned during strength training to distance runs and comes equipped with the must needed stopwatch for my fitness classes…ahhh I love it. It doesn’t yet have Spotify, but I hear that’s coming soon – can’t wait for that. It’s also super sleek and has become quite the essential in my busy life.

Sunday Fitness Classes

This winter I’ve been teaching a strength and conditioning class for Irish dancers at Studio U in Brighton (shout out to the awesome team at Studio U). These classes have been the highlight of my week and working with the dancers really is bringing everything I’m passionate about full circle. This Sunday is the last class in the winter series and I am so proud of the dedication these guys have shown to their training and all the progress they’ve made so far. If you’ve been to one of these classes – thank you – you guys are so much fun to work with. I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself and learned a thing or two along the way XO.

Total Body Workout

Things I love always include workouts you can complete anywhere. This week’s workout is quick and effective. Complete 1 round in just 10 minutes. Ready, set, go!


That’s about it for this week. Let’s chat in the comments below about some of the things you’re loving.

Enjoy your weekend!

XO Bridget

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