BFitness | Things I’m loving Friday #4
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Things I’m loving Friday #4

It’s FRIDAY!!! Anybody else jumping for joy?! This weekend is actually going to be quite busy for me, with my first road race of 2018 tomorrow + a group fitness class on Saturday and then a private training on Sunday and a bunch of other fun things in between, but I’m looking forward to it none the less. What about you? Ready for the weekend?? Well before we officially kick off the weekend, I give you…

5 Things I’m currently loving – enjoy! 🙂

Quick fat blasting workouts

Right now, my personal fitness goals focus on getting lean and eating clean (more on the clean eating part later). To lean out my body, reduce bloating, decrease body fat and reveal my muscles that are currently hibernating ;),  I’ve added some cardio based high intensity movements to my bodyweight workouts. Try this quick 15 minute workout that will have you working hard and feeling that satisfied burn for days to come. It’s a quick one, harder and more effective than it looks. Give it a try this weekend and let me know how it went!

New home gym equipment

I love finding new training tools, especially at Target of all places! I recently canceled my gym membership and transitioned all of my workouts to home workouts, really to accomodate my more than busy schedule. At first I was worried my workouts wouldn’t be a good, but truthfully they are better! I don’t have any excuse to not get a workout in, when my gym is a few feet away from my bedroom, kitchen, living room..ok it’s a small apartment but you get me. The point is you really can workout from anywhere. I personally love the triceps resistance machine at the gym, so when I found this one at Target I was pretty excited to have yet another reason to love working out at home. 

Preparing for spring fitness classes

I’m super excited for the next round of fitness classes for Irish dancers and looking forward to spending the next couple of weeks putting the final touches on the workouts and at home programs! Ps. if you haven’t signed up yet there’s still some spots left in both classes. More info here.

Starch free dinners

In trying to eat extra clean, I’ve been working on swapping out starchy dinner favorites like potatoes and pasta, for healthier alternatives like zucchini noodles and cauliflower rice. It didn’t sound appealing to me at first, but I have to say they taste so much better than I thought and I love the way they make me feel full but not bloated. I’ve been having some fun in the kitchen sampling different recipes. I’ll be sure to post some of my favorites soon.

Eliminating starches from your dinner is a clean eating habit, discussed in the 4×4 Diet, by celebrity trainer, Erin Oprea. Ps. I also love her book. 

Day dreaming of a vacation

Raise your hand if you wish you were on this beach right now? Or any beach for that matter…

I’ve been doing a lot of day dreaming about a vacation lately. Traveling is my all time favorite thing and I can hardly wait for the next adventure. How about you? If you could leave on a plane tonight, where would you go? Let me know in the comments below.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Until next time,

XO Bridget

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